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Pretty Little Liars



Hello, hello! How’s everyone doing?! How many of you love Pretty Little Liars? I’m a huge fan of the TV show. It’s frustrating and drives me crazy and I love it lol. I love the characters on the show, the ships, and their hair and makeup if I’m being honest! 😉 I can’t wait to find out who A.D. is!! I have a few ideas on who it could be, but what are your guesses? I want to know!!!

Well in honor of the show, I have done makeup inspired looks on the main characters, Alison, Aria, Spencer, Hanna, Emily and Mona, I couldn’t forget Mona, she’s been such a big character throughout the show, so I just posted a look inspired by her. She’s been nerdy Mona, popular/materialistic Mona, evil/bad Mona, good Mona , crazy Mona lol. Her character is a lot of fun, you never know what she’s up to! Although she’s done horrible things to the girls, I think she means well in her own twisted way. I’m anxious to see what they do with her character in the series finale this Tuesday, June 27th. But anyways, I’m going to link all the character looks below in case you’re interested! Hope you all enjoy and let’s keep our fingers crossed for a good series finale lol! 😉









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Maybelline Great Lash Blue Mascara


Hey ladies! I was sent a voxbox from Influenster and wanted to share my thoughts on Maybelline Great Lash Blue Mascara. 

Growing up, my first mascara was Maybelline’s Great Lash mascara but in black. It seemed decent because it was all I used lol. But as I got older and they came out with more mascaras I suddenly found myself not using the Great Lash anymore, in fact I probably haven’d used it in close to 10 years!

I know colored mascaras are trending right now, but for me personally, I’m just not a fan of them, at least not on me that is. I find they look cheap, and like 80s makeup style gone wrong on me lol. So, I just stick to plain black. However, I gave this a shot since it was sent to me, to test it out and give it a try. Here’s my conclusions.

The formula unfortunately just didn’t work for me for several reasons. For starters, I couldn’t get the blue to show up that well. I think this would work best on lighter colored lashes, would probably show up better than compared to dark lashes where it gives the slightest tint. As you can see in the pictures below. And sorry the only makeup I put on was mascara and the black liner they sent because I wanted to test out this mascara without ruining my makeup lol.


Another thing I didn’t like was the mascara seemed to weigh down my lashes, it felt wet and heavy if that makes any sense. It also grouped them together, it didn’t clump them but didn’t separate very well.

This formula just didn’t work well for me. The packaging is cute and just like the original, and I did like the wand, just not a fan of this formula unfortunately.


Some products work better on others, so if you’re a fan of this please don’t be offended. We all are different and require different things/uses from products. Nothing in makeup is a 1 size fits all. I honestly see this being a cool product for those of you with lighter lashes.

Have you used this? Let me know your thoughts!

Thanks for reading!



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Anastasia AURORA glow kit & a dupe?!

Hey guys! some of you requested swatches and a review on the NEW Anastasia Beverly Hills Aurora glow kit , so here it is! Swatches, and maybe a dupe?! I included a comparison between this and the blacklight palette from Bh Cosmetics. Hope you guys enjoy it!

xo, Brooke

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GIVEAWAY Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit

Hi ladies!!!

I just wanted to let you know about a giveaway I’m doing on my Instagram! I am giving away the Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit from Anastasia Beverly Hills. The contest rules are listed on my IG giveaway picture (click here). Contest ends Sunday March 19th, so you have plenty of time to enter! Good luck to all that enter!

I also recorded a live first impressions video of the palette as well as a comparison/dupe to Sephora’s Illuminate palette, I’ll post them down below in case you’re interested in those too!

Hope you all are having a great week! xo-Brooke


“My Car Accident Story & How God saved my life” 

This isn’t beauty related but some of you have been with me since the very beginning of this story so I wanted to finally share my story with you guys. And if you feel led to share this video please do, I’m hoping to find the good Samaritan who helped me and perhaps someone needs to hear this message as well. I apologize for all the tears, I even wore fake lashes so I wouldn’t cry and I still cried lol. Very emotional topic. I’m baring my heart and soul with you guys. Thank you to those who’ve stood beside me these past few years and for your support and thank you to those of you who are new. I love you all and am thankful for all of you, even if we’ve never met I consider you all my friends! 💖💖💖💖💖

Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy new year!

XO, Brooke

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Lorac Mega Pro 3 Palette


For the last 3 years Lorac Cosmetics has released a limited edition palette for the holiday season called their “Mega Pro” palettes. It retails for $59 and is sold exclusively at Ulta, it’s currently sold out online, but still available in some stores. I was lucky enough to get the very last one at my local Ulta, however, a few of my friends from other areas around the country told me they have seen them still at their local Ulta, so there’s still a chance you can get your hands on it!


It comes with 32 shades, with half of them (the top 2 rows) being matte shades and half being shimmer shades (the bottom 2 rows). Their mega pro palettes are essentially like getting 2 of their regular pro palettes which retail at $44, so it’s a great deal considering you’re getting an extra palette for only $15 more!


You’re going to love this palette if you’re into neutrals because this palette is full of them! There’s a nice variety of warm and neutral toned colors, with a few cooler shades. One thing that I love most about this palette is the amount of transition shades. The formula is just as great quality as the other Lorac palettes. Soft and buttery, highly pigmented, easy to blend and long lasting. All in all, it’s an amazing palette, if you have the opportunity to snatch it up you should!! The video down below will show you swatches in case you’re interested! Hope you all are having an amazing week!!  🙂


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ABH Master Palette by Mario


The Master Palette by Mario is a special edition eye shadow collection created with celebrity make-up artist (famously known as Kim Kardashian’s MUA) Mario Dedivanovic and Anastasia Beverly Hills. The palette contains twelve neutral and jewel-toned shades in a range of matte to metallic finishes. It also includes a dual ended brush. It retails for $45 which is a few dollars more than ABH palettes, which come with 14 shades instead of 12, however, nonetheless, it’s still a beautiful palette and worth the money.

In this palette there are only 3 matte shades and 9 shimmer shades. This palette is supposed to contain a newer, richer formula. And I would say the shadows are very similar to previous palettes but a little more softer and creamier in my opinion. As you can see the palette is also quite warm toned.


I believe most of the shades were named after people who inspire/d Mario, for example, one shade is named “Kim”. Some of my favorite colors out of this palette are Isabel, Violeta, Bronx and Marina. Claudia is quite a unique shade, it reminds of the color of a lead pencil. Honestly, I love all these shades. It may not be an ALL in 1 palette for some who love their mattes. I personally love using Isabel in my crease, Violeta on my lid and 5th Ave on my inner corner.

This palette contains:
– 12 x 0.02 oz/ 0.5 mL Eye shadows in Hollywood (metallic wheat gold with a satin finish), NYC (rich chocolate brown with a satin finish), Kim (tan with a satin finish), Muse (rose gold with a satin finish), Marina (champagne with a metallic finish), Claudia (slate with a velvet finish), Lula (soft taupe with an ultra-matte finish), Isabel (burnt orange with an ultra-matte finish), Violeta (dark chocolate with an ultra-matte finish), 5th Ave (gold leaf with a metallic finish), Bronx (metallic olive with a satin finish), Paris (gilded brown with a satin finish)

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
– Parabens
– Sulfates
– Phthalates

I purchased mine from because it was sold out at Ulta. It currently shows that it’s available on Sephora’s site, however, it could also still be available inside your local Sephora and Ulta stores.